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Hi, Welcome to my gallery! I'm a french freelance artist in her thirties.


I do comics and art about geek culture, especially, sonic, my little pony, pokemon and such, since 2009!


I draw commissions, and comics. An illustration? A cover? A reference sheet? A chara design? Or even a few comic pages for your awsome projects? I can draw it for you my friend.~ Just ask in my DM, can't wait to work with you and what creative ideas you need me to bring to life.

We are dealing with some issues regarding the way this website is accepting payment. We're waiting for some return so we can hopefully fix it but it will take time.
In the meantime you can order just fine and i'll take note of your order even if the site says something went wrong. I'll just send you a Paypal invoice regarding your order instead, so be carefull to put your paypal email so i can reach you with it. =)
Paypal should work just fine tho!
Sorry for the delay, we're dealy and the inconvenience with small issues from the website, so we have to send invoices this way till it's fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Regards, Dormin.


Golden book

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2 months ago

Honestly stunning looking work that I just couldn't pass by. Thank you for both the opportunity and your amazing talents.

Mythic Moon
2 months ago

Dormin's work has and is amazing, every ych I've been able to join has been done perfectly and with an almost unreal turn around time!

5 months ago

I love her work. Every YCH and commissions are perfect! I also recommend her comics~

5 months ago

Commissioned a Persona 5 style drawing of my OC. My expectations were exceeded by a large margin! An artist that is very communicative and amazing to work with!

5 months ago

Hi, nice to meet you .l like Sunset.

6 months ago

I loved the art I got from them, very professional. There was a small mistake of wrong YCH having initially been charged for, but they were very quick to rectify that, and very pleasant to work with.

Max Firestorm
6 months ago

I've joined a pair of YCHs from Dormin over the last couple of months and they both turned out absolutely wonderfully! I really look forward to working with you again in the future! <3

6 months ago

Very nice and professional artist, absolutely loved the result! Thanks!

6 months ago

Top, très content du travail fournis.

Marcus Dash
6 months ago

Love your art I give it 10/10 I would love to commission more art from you sometime! 💗💗