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As you may know, im a mother of a 4 month old baby now. Im working from home and taking care of my newborn on my own 4 days per week cause daycares are full here. So it takes more time and energy from me than it should but i can t neglect my baby. There are days where i ll be abble to work like a true madgirl and some where i won t be abble to do as much or at all.

Since a short time, im being close to my pre-birth productivity tho, so hopefully i can keep that up. But please remember i can t garantie precise due dates for a while. It will come back when edward can be in daycare or school but in the meantime, i need you to keep that in mind and understand we are doing the queue system for a while.

Time off

when i say i won t work on week end or after open hours, i mean it. Recently i found people asking me about commissions queue and details during my resting free time... and it triggers my anxiety a lot. It prevent me from cutting my mind from work and won t allow me to rest properly, pressuring me into feeling guilty to not work all the time. Im a true workaholic and those off times are tough in themselves to respect on my end, but i need them, especially if i want to bound with my baby and help him develop correctly.So please respect those time, they are important for us and so i can stay effective while working on your orders.

Asking about updates

you asking about your commissions and all is perfectly legitimate and ok. I ll always answer and be transparent about everything. But i ll do it in appropriate time and places.

Why is there such a delay since 2023

i ve been hospitalised a long time from october to december. So obviously months went by without me being abble to work and i could n t either during first few months in post partum... which explains why im so behind on due dates... Im sorry i know it sucks, but im doing all i can, my absolute maximum here while trying to not neglect neither my job for yall nor my family... So please be patient.