One Stormy Night

One Stormy Night is a fan-comic based on the My Little Pony (c) Hasbro gen 4 series. It was created in 2018.

It takes place 1000 years before the events of the show, right before and during the two sisters's reign, as Alicorn princesses. It narrates how the gain trust of Ponyland to unify it as Equestria, by fighting villains and forces of evils. Luna and Celestia were raised by their mentor, Starswirl the bearded, but yhey yet have to learn the ways of monarchy and nobility to gain their respect and have their approval to be reconized as competents rulers of ponies. But in the shadows, evil awaits to strikes and take over. Will the princesses manage to gain the trust of everypony? Will the darkness take over?

You'll know by reading One Stormy Night.

Far Lost Sun

Far Lost Sun is one of my first fan-comic projects based on the Sonic the hedgehog (c) SEGA series.

It was created in 2009, when i was a student, and got a first reboot in 2014 as my art style got better. I rebooted it again in 2020 again for the same reasons and to narrate the story better, as my storytelling did improved with One Stormy Night a lot.

Far lost takes place in Sonic unleashed world, starring Kanna the lynx and Zackiel the (were)hedgehog, two famous OCs among the sonic community.  It involves drama, mobian furr trafic, action, romance and politic intrigue.

This project was inspired by the All over Mobius community back in 2006.

Undertale-A father's love

A Father's love is a comic written by DRidrix and illustrated in collaboration with Dormin. It was created in 2016 and still going on.


The story takes place in Undertale, during a genocide run, at the beginning of Sans and Chara's boss fight. But Frisk and Gaster have other plans.

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