Super smash mlpartists

This collab was created by me , DORMIN-DIM, to show a large panel of mlp artist on our discord server, staring everyone's oc in their own style. Inspired by Super Smash Bros (c) Nintendo. It is still open!

Collab with Metanagon

A collab we started with the idea of an egyptian balcony. We agreed Hisan and Somnambula were perfect subjects for it!


Thank you Meta, we're doing again whenever you want!

Collabs with LIGHT262

Ember the dragon

This Collab was between me , DORMIN-DIM, and LIGHT262 (artist for Timey Wimey and more and great friend of mine). Jyc Row music artist) asked me if he could re-use the previous commission of Ember he asked me to draw for a second version of his song "Flamethrone Legacy" .

As i tought it was a bit of a shame it had the same visual, i asked my friend LIGHT262 if he would be ok to draw an epic Ember pic with me for free to help JYC ROW and help his new version of the song stands out. He happily agreed. I drew the character of Ember with coloured lines and the Background and Light did the shadding and FX. Jyc Row was quite happy with it.

Ponyfolies 2016 contest

This was a collab done between LIGHT262 (artist for Timey Wimey and more and great friend of mine) and me, DORMIN-DIM, for ponyfolies 2016. I did the drawing and Light made the fire special effect and some lights.

P5 Equestria Daily banner

This banner was gifted by me to Equestria Daily, in persona 5 style in 2018.

Collabs with 4EverfreeBrony

This was commissioned by the famous mlp music artist 4EverfreeBrony for his song "Who Knows (feat. Milkymomo, EileMonty, & MemJ0123)" back in 2019. starring princesses Luna and Celestia from My little pony Friendship is magic (c) Hasbro.

Collabs with Ohponyboy

Back in 2016, Ohponyboy, famous animator in the MLP community commissioned a kakemono and some visual for his music story.

Collabs with JYC ROW

Jyc Row commissioned me various arts for his Music videos back then. Celestia's Berserkers  and Flamethrown Legacy . He also commissioned me some character and logo design when he distanced himself from brony community for diversity in his work.

Collabs with Galacon

This special cover both in Digital and traditionnal, were drawn and gifted for Galacon 2019's charity.

I also had a panel to tell you about my comics and work.

Collabs with UKponycon

Collabs with 3PS

This was a gift for UKponycon.

This was commissioned by the 3PS back in 2016.

Collabs with Bastion Brony

For years i produced banners, visuals for prints, t shirts and buttons/badges for the Bastion Brony, a french meet up, for free,  and for charity till 2018 where our collaboration ended. It was one of my first meet ups, and even after out collab is over, i keep good memories of it. Yet, as I stated when i left, Bastion Brony has no more my permission to use or sell my work.

Collabs with Suisse ponycon

This was commissionned by the Suisse pony con for their first convention.

Collabs with Le poney Blanc

Can't remember if the first one was a gift or a commission, but the second was commissioned for "le poney blanc", french mlp website.


Lumic4 was a mlp artist collectif meant to be a popular group who would produce massive comics projects, such as Timey Wimey, and more. I met a lot of artists there and it sure was a rich experience, yet i left the project on my own because it wasn't for me in the end and it prevented me from working on my own career and projects.

Collabs with My little Equestria

MLE was a role play french forum. Very popular in its time, i drew a lot of visuals for banners, icon/avatars, kits of "signatures" and characters for this project. (People can't use those pictures out of My little Equestria if they didn't pay for it!)

Collabs with Tales of Equestria

TOE was a role play french forum. I drew a lot of visuals for banners, icon/avatars, kits of "signatures" and characters for this project. (People can't use those pictures out of Equestria Tales if they didn't pay for it!)