Needlewind is a dear sonic arstist friend i met back in 2006 on a role play forum named All Over Mobius and on the french sonic website " Planète Sonic " .


We play DnD style games around universes such as Sonic, Zelda BOTW or even some magical girl stuff. His art and creativity are truely amasing!


We often draw for our role play tables together.

Art by Needlewind

Light is my best friend. We met back in 2015 when we were both part of the artist collectif "LUMIC4".


We bonded quickly over jokes, art and youtubepoops, but also throught a bad experience that impacted both or lives, health and art.


We did some nice collab together and obsolutly love to boost eachothers in our projects.



Art by Light262

Meta and I met through art projects and quite by chance.


She loves horses and animals in general and has quite a unique style, very skills with details backgrounds too!


She is a dear friend of mine and i love to work with her. I wish we could share a table in convention one day!



Art by  Metanagon

Capou joined my art discord server and joined a collab of mine.


As we enjoyed eachother's styles, we agreed on doing an art trade together.


I drew her pony character and she drew Soul Silver in human form. She does awsome backgrounds and clothes!


Art by Capouccino

Adrix is my partner in life, my Boyfriend, my fiancé, my Soulmate.~


We matche eachother's weirdness and creativity. His style got better and better as the years goes by.


He even started his own comic to understand how much energy i put into my work.



Art by Dridrix

irsyakistasakhavi was a follower on Facebook who enjoyed my comic "One Stormy Night".


He asked me if he could try to do a 3D model of his own with my character "Soul Silver" from my MLP comic OSN. I happily accepted as i never had 3D art before!

I was and still am ver pleased and excited with the work he did! Thank you again!!


Staphilea is a plush maker friend of mine. She does really cute pluqhies and even some fursuits.


We share tables in convention time to time.


She is always very nice to work with!!



Plushes by Staphilea

Moenkin was part of the LIMUC4 group.


We used to work together for a short time and did an art trade together.




Art by Moenkin

BlazeMizu and I did an art trade as we enjoyed eachothers







Art by BlazeMizu

Sarah is a dear friend of mine.


We draw eachothers characters often, as she is a fan of Soul Silver.


I appreciate her and her work, so i even plan on putting her in my comic OSN.


Art by SarAlieng

Mi-cha was a classmate when we were both student in art school.


We were good friends and she was a Kanna the Lynx fan too!





Art by mi-cha



Art by Louvely


Art by Shiiriru


Art by MaddyBunny


Art by Drytil


Art by Moona-Luna


Art by DeanouV2


Art by Paumol


Art by Flowers012


Art by Monbolo


Art by MayomiCCz


Art by Animeria


Art by OniYoi


Art by FOX-POP


Art by Keeveehart


Art by Mot-Karma


Art by Miriokul



Art by RB9


Art by Shadnix


Art by Bartpab


Art by Ezeckyel