Rules terms and FAQ

What I will and won't accept/do :

Will do :

Will do : Fandom characters (oc or canon) : My little pony, Sonic, Pokemon, Digimon, Persona, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Zelda, HTTYD, Spyro, Beastars ans more...

Will do humans, furries, anthro and kemominis.
Shipping : Oc x OC, OC x Canon, Canon x Canon, any gender or LGBT orientations are also welcome!

NSFW (SOFT) , I'll accept some fetishes too, just ask.

Character design, Reference sheets, Pop funko designs, illustrations and comics. But also Role play forum designs, plushies/toys/clothes/goodies designs and DND characters, books, board and more too. Just ask!

Allow you to pay in multiple times.

Accept art trades (may it be drawing, plushies ect...) as long as the trade is fair! Which means the level must be equals so it won't only benefit only one side.

Won't do :

Wont do : Underaged nsfw, abuse, gore, pedophilia, zoophilia (won't accept intercourse human x animal/feral), Necrophilia...

Won't read your Fanfiction unless you pay me same amont by word as a writter. It takes time and efforts i could use for something else, so think about it.

Start to work before i'm fully or half paid.

Work  for free.

Accept your art trade if i never agreed to do one with you before work is done.

Enjoy myself because i'm paid to draw. Plaisure nor pain aren't included in the price.

Any offenssive symbols or group, ideology even as jokes.


I will then give you an estimate to announce the price of the commission, with the details.

Once the quote is validated, I will send you an invoice via paypal. Once paid, I can add your commission to my list and give it a date.
Please note, as i'm a Freelance professional Artist, There will be an additionnal 24% of taxes to prices given on pricelists. I won't start to work unless payment is fully done already.

Right to produce for personal use are 100% of the price of the project you want to realise.
Rights to sell are 3 times the price of the project
Right to to produce for personal use and not allow anyone to reproduce are 500€ to 1000€
Rights for massive production can be discussed.
I accept planned payment (you can pay in more than one time so it can be more confortable)

I allow 3 free modifications per drawing. Any more will coast 10 € (+taxes) per additionnal modification! Be warned!

How do you order a commission :

Please go to this page  How to order a commission

To see my options and fill the according formular. You can also get in touch with me on Discord.

You can reach me during my open hours between 2PM to 7PM from monday to Friday EUR PARIS Timezone. More infos here : Schedule and Timetable

You can also find our YCH here : YCHs

And lots of Commissions done if you're curious !

List of Services :

- Illustration in a large variety of style and prices

- Comics pages - comics and book covers - character design - concept art - reference sheets - expression sheets - emojis - logos- buisness card - banners - icons - streaming screens - youtuber content - video covers/thumbnails - design for toys/figures/inflatable toys and more products - pet or people portraits - fashion design - D&D/role playing features - jewelery design - card and board game design - Kakemonos - Norens - Dakimakuras - logos - and more...

We do lots of fandoms : furry - MLP - Sonic - Spyro - Undertale/deltarune - Hazbin Hotel/Helluva boss - pokemon - digimon - and more, just ask!

We do SFW and NSFW accordingly and aren't afraid of most fetishes!

Frequently Asked Questions