About us

Hi! My name is Cécile, but i'm known as Dormin on internet. I'm a french freelance artist in her thirties. My entreprise, Dormin-Drawing is Magic, was created in november 2019.


I'm austistic ADHD HP and disabled as my spine was damaged in an accident. That's why i'm a full time freelance artist. My commissions are my only way to get money.


My main domain is pop culture, but i can also make projects out of this domain, don't be shy to ask!


I went to Graphi Creatis for a master in visual communication and 3D.


I'm making commission for a living after an accident involving my spine made me unabble to work out of the house.


I'm autodidact since 1990 and still amazed to learn new stuff. I'm a very fast and organised worker and a very responsible individual. So if i can't do a project, i'll let you know before taking the money. I'll send paypal invoice for any project too.

I hope convention will open again soon so i can meet everyone there!