YCH is for "Your Character Here", it is basically a proposition of drawing where you can ask the artist to include any character you like fitting the YCH in question.


I started making some back in October 2020 to save the life of my pet Veigar (a black cat missing one kidney.) and kept drawing some since then. My YCH try to be as inclusive as possible.


All orientations, lgbt profils and more are welcome. I try also to include as many species as possible each time! There are a lot of MLP YCH of course but i also do Sonic, furies and more, but as the demand is high for ponies, well i focus mostly on it. Ideas are welcome.


My patreons have an unlimited access to my YCHs even if they aren't available anymore. If you're interested in buying a slot for my YCHs, please contact me through Twitter or Discord with your reference or pic of the character you want on it, and your Paypal email so i can send you an invoice for it. Clothes, accessories and even fx and expressions can be added for 10€. Please take note Taxes is to be added to final price as always for all my works.

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YCHs of 2021

Nightmare Night week#3 YCH

Nightmare Night week#2 YCH

Nightmare Night week#1 YCH

Pride month YCH

Hug King Sombra

This serie idea was created to please some of my friends first and because villains were a high demand from my community. There were 3 YCHs out between march and April 2021.

Chrysalis cocoons

This serie is staring Queen Chrysalis from My little pony Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro and got out for May 2021.

King Sombra Cosplay

Valentine's day 2021

These were the YCHs for February and Valentines day. There were two option, couple and single.

Magic with Trixie

This YCH was out for January 2021, but as i had so high demand on December, I couldn't offer unlimited slots. Might come back in the future! Staring The great and powerfull Trixie from My little pony Friendship is magic (c) Hasbro (And Twilight and Starlight turned into Tea cups~ ), your character was wearing the alicorn amulette to allow any pony to use magic.

Ychs of 2020

Halloween serie 2020

Halloween coat

This Ych was inspied by the Chocobo costume for Halloween in Final Fantasy XIV. It could come with or without the skull mask.

Black Cat costume

This Ych is a cat outfit i created on my own and was made to help me finance the hospitalisation of my black cat Veigar. He was missing a kidney and almist died. Thank you for all the people who helped to save his life!

Flying witch

This YCH was inspired by the witch halloween costume of Final Fantasy XIV and got out in October 2020.

Nightmare night

This YCH was out for Halloween 2020 and only for the night of Halloween. Only a few lucky ponies made it.

Kiss Luna

This Ych got out for November 2020 and offered 3 different costumes variations, staring princess Luna from My little pony Drawing is Magic (c) Hasbro.

The princess hug serie

The princesses hug series was made because some people wanted something less than a kiss, so i obliged happily. It stares princesses Luna, Celestia, Cadance and adult Twilight from My little pony Friendship is magic (c) Hasbro. There is a watermark on it because some people stole the ych and used it as a base on 4Chan for truely obscure results and reasons without my consent. Please don't do this.

Hug Cadance

Hug Twilight

Christmas serie 2020

Christmas costume

Christmas choral

This Ych could be solo or Duo and offered a christmas costume of my creation for the first week of December 2020.

As we were all lockdown due to COVID 19, I created theses YCHs for last week of December. Only the first one made it cause of high demand, i'll probably show the Kimono one in 2021. It was an occasion to feel together for the end of 2020.

Christmas kiss

This Ych was out for second week of December 2020 and offered all type of couples, lgbt orientations, sizes and even expressions for friendly kisses, and different outfits too.

New year eve together

This Ych was out for 3rd week of December 2020 and could be group or solo.