I'm still learning and practicing 2D animation, doing gifs, animatic and storyboarding. You can see more on my youtube channel :

Do you blame yourself ?

This project is still running.

This project is inspired by the "do you blame yourself" video, a lot of animators are animating. As it fits what i planned for Soul Silver, my character from ONE STORMY NIGHT MLP FAN COMIC, i tought i'd give it a try for my first animatic! I hope i'll manage to finish it and make it awsome.


Here is the video that inspired me for this project =>

My Little Pony

Some 2D animation tests.

Collaboration done with LIGHT262 =>

We tried to learn the style of My little pony the movie in 2018 together, and had some fun practicing together!


Those short animations doodles were done during my 2D animation class while i was a student back in 2009. I worked faster than my classmates so i had a little fun practicing some more and experiencing stuff for fun.

The quality is certainly not extraordinary, but it was still big for a begginner, and i'm quite happy with the Tails one.

School Project

Papiers Libres

"Papiers libres" stands for "free papers" in french. It's the story of a drawing given life, exploring the world to find his soul mate and escaping their creator's room to discover the world, the colours and evolving, growing up as they learn more and more.

This was a step motion project done at school. I was Project Manager, as my storyboard and idea was picked over others.

It was a really fun and great experience!


Storyboard-Western done by Cécile Bourdin-Linval (school GRAPHICREATIS)

Classe Graphi2B.


CINECREATIS / GRAPHICREATIS // Tous droits réservés // Déc 2010.

Music composed by Jerry Goldsmitn (from the movie UNDER FIRE).

-Courtesy of Silva Screen Records-

Stuff for fun

Quand les Golds Saint parlent entre eux

This short video was inspired by the codex from Solid snake and was done to troll some playmates on a saint seiya role play forum.

I had fun mimicing the style of the codex!