!!How to reach me for commission!!

Published on 1 June 2022 at 16:24

Hoy, i'd like to apologise for my recent lack of answer in DMs. Im more active on Twitter and Discord and rarely check my DMs here anymore. My ADHD makes it very hard to multicheck on every social medias, which is why i'll try to advert to reach out to me either via twitter or Discord for now on as it will garantie better communication to me and yall. Also a lot happened in a few months. Things i can't adress here for now, but might be abble to do so soon. It's relevant to my health and why i'm taking it easier and slower for a while, but i garantee yall it will be worth it. Some of you already know please keep it a secret here. There were HUGE evolution in my family, good stuff, but also very overwelming. I had to rush plans i had to help out my mother during those times and it was liberating yet very energy and time consuming. I was away for a week and might be away for another week and a half in June. Also Summer is time for conventions, i'll be away for japan expo and galacon and might take time to prepare for those events. There was also Veigar who fell very sick and fought very hard. We were holding together for a month, worrying, tense, paralysed by stress and awaiting what we knew wasgoing to happen. Deny was strong till the very end, we had crazy hopes and were aware it was wrong. We did let him go last Monday and it was very emotionnal, leaving us both unable to act for 2 days. We're still mourning. Which are the reasons i've been slow to answer. I can understand some of yall found me deceptive for it and can't blame you. But it bother me a lot and i'm the first frustrated but my current situation as i can't do as much as i used to FOR NOW (it will be back next year if everything go well.) I can understand you felt it was shaddy and didn't feel like ordering anymore, but trust me i'm as reliable as i ever been during previous years. My turn around is very high as lots of you know. I'm fast and effective. I just lighten it for a while, but be assure i'm still on board.

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