Back from break

Published on 20 July 2021 at 15:54


Hey ! I'm back to buisness! Sorry for disapearing for a month, but a lot of rough events happened and i really did need time off both for my mental health and because i couldn't work as i was out of med. But i'm back and catching up on schedules and invoices to send!
I'm currently moving due dates, and i'll then proceed to send your invoices. As there is so much to catch up, i'm taking the full current week to make sure to figure everything out correctly and to let my body and brain adjust to med returning to my system again.
So yeah! Full administration week! Please notice i'll also take 2 off weeks in second half of August to see family. My grandma (and mother figure) survived and i'm so so glad. I know sadly it's only a short extra time as she is 99 soon... But i don't want to have regrets.
If you need your commission done before second half of August, please contact me asap so i can move your due date accordingly. moving will be free of charge this time as i'm the one putting a hold due to my life being a bit chaotic recently.
But only move it before half of august if it impacts a project of yours (tatoos, youtube videos ect...) i won't move due date just for the fun of having it earlier sorry .
And finaly, thank you all so much for your patience and understanding, i'm truely blessed to have such nice commissioners and it means the world to me. I'll make sure to produce top quality for you all! A lot of rough stuff happened that i didn't let you know, so... thank you...
Drawing of my OC by Light262 for attention


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