Here you can find a resume of the products i'm making and selling in expos. If you missed some, you can buy some here!

We make :

Fandoms you can find


MLP Sonic
Undertale Deltarune
Pokemon Digimon
Spyro HTTY Dragon
Steven Universe Beastars
Hasbin Hotel Helluva boss
Zelda ...


Shantae Animals
Dr Who Saint Seiya
Sailor Moon Sheera
Kipo Miraculous
Persona FF
KH More...

Attention regarding buying options!!

We are dealing with some issues regarding the way this website is accepting payment. We're waiting for some return so we can hopefully fix it but it will take time.
In the meantime you can order just fine and i'll take note of your order even if the site says something went wrong. I'll just send you a Paypal invoice regarding your order instead, so be carefull to put your paypal email so i can reach you with it. =)
Paypal should work just fine tho!
Sorry for the delay, we're dealy and the inconvenience with small issues from the website, so we have to send invoices this way till it's fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Regards, Dormin.



I'm writting, drawing and printing comics based on various fandoms and slice of life since 2009. So far, I did a Sonic the hedgehog, a My little pony G1-4, a Undertale fan comics, and also some strips about being autistic/adhd. My comics are 32 pages (cover included) are the size and quality of US comics, and can be English or French.


T shirts

I can draw designs and print on T shirts and sweat shirts. I can print designs i Did myself aswell as some commissions you ordered. They can be any size and are in coton.


Enamels Pins are made in metal and got 2 attachments for more stabilities, which are made in form of a heart and soft material for confort. Each Pins comes with a "Dormin DIM" engraved in its back. They are netween 5 and 8 cm so far depending of the design.


All our Badges/buttons are handmade with a press. We can offer 3 different size.

Keychains and charms

Keychains are in PVC and usually between 3 or 5 cm. They are protected with a small plastic surface you can remove when you get them.


We're making small and big Stickers from various franchises with my  designs.

Prints and posters

Prints are small pictures on good quality paper and the size of a Post card. Posters are A3.